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Reasons to Contact Our Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney

Even though some sites make bankruptcy seem simple, there is actually a lot more to it than just filling out the forms. Filing bankruptcy actually requires a lot of planning. Even deciding whether to file bankruptcy at all is something which should be discussed with a qualified attorney. If you are considering declaring bankruptcy, you should set up an appointment with one of our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys immediately.

Our Mesa bankruptcy attorney can give you advice which can make a big difference in how much of your property you can keep, and how much debt you can get rid of. Pre-bankruptcy planning can maximize the amount of your property which will be exempt from seizure. Proper legal advice from our Mesa bankruptcy attorney can also let you know how to legally make more of your property exempt.

For our Mesa bankruptcy attorney to give you the proper advice, we must know all about your financial situation. This includes your income from the last six months, where you’ve lived the last two years, and of course, all of your debts. While we can answer questions on the phone, it is hard to correctly analyze a situation that way. Therefore, we recommend you get a free debt evaluation at our office. There is no cost for this service.

When you come to the office, just let us know you want the free bankruptcy evaluation. You will need to fill out a questionnaire detailing your financial situation. It is important that you fill in all the answers honestly, so we can anticipate issues which will impact your case. In bankruptcy, full disclosure is extremely important, not only at the evaluation but at the bankruptcy hearing. Hidden information can be grounds for the bankruptcy trustee to dismiss your case, so it is imperative we know all the details.

Even though Congress changed the bankruptcy laws a few years ago, in an attempt to restrict bankruptcy filings, many filers will still qualify for Chapter 7. Contact our Mesa bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options. We can handle both Chapter 7 “clean slate” and Chapter 13 “wage earner” cases. No matter which bankruptcy you qualify for, we can help you!

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